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S540 Pro | Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper Best?seller

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  • ?The Nadex S540 is our business grade coin counter, sorter and wrapper. Coin counting and sorting has never been easier! Simply pour your coins into the hopper, press start, and the machine will automatically count and sort your coins. Easily see the value and count of each coin being sorted by looking at the display. Press the start and stop button at any time to get a final tally.
  • ?Key Features: Counts and sorts Dollar coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, and Pennies. Displays both count count and total counted value. Sort into coin trays or directly into coin wrappers with the included coin tube attachments. One touch batch setting with Auto-stop to prevent overfilling. Custom batch settings to sort into trays and into tubes simultaneously for different denominations. 48 preformed coin wrappers included.
  • ?In Depth Count Detail: The total value of the counted coins along with the quantity of each coin type displays on the screen during counting. Hopper capacity is up to 2000 coins (dimes). Bin Capacity is Dimes: 900, Nickels: 450, Quarters: 350, Pennies: 300, Dollars: 130.
  • ?Multi Use: Coin tube attachments included to automatically and easily fill preformed coin wrappers. Simply place the coin wrappers into the tubes, set the one-touch tube batch setting, press start, and watch them fill up. The machine will automatically stop when a roll is full. Or you can use our Custom batch settings so you can use both the coin trays and tubes at the same time, making coin rolls for some denominations while other coins fill up the bins.
  • ?Our Guarantee: Nadex manufactures a variety of coin management and money storage products. All Nadex products are backed by a 1 Year warranty! Please visit Nadex Coins to activate and don?t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

S540 Pro | Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper S540 Pro | Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper S540 Pro | Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper S540 Pro | Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper S540 Pro | Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper

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