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"Precious Angels" Musical Motion Clock Clock

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  • Enjoy this unique timepiece that showcases a continuously swinging pendulum at the bottom adorned with a genuine Swarovski crystal
  • On the hour, the LED lights add to the rhythm of this clock and add sparkle to this one of a kind piece that features trumpeters, angels and beautiful golden artistic filigree
  • Along with the flashing LED lights and the swinging pendulum at the bottom, on the hour this clock also coordinates this movement with a selection of one of 18 melodies
  • Optional volume control, On/Off switch and display button lets you silence your clock on demand, while it still keeps perfect time
  • Clock measures 17.3" high by 15.9" wide by 2.9? deep and operates on two D batteries that are included to help keep the clocks precision Quartz movement

"Precious Angels" Musical Motion Clock "Precious Angels" Musical Motion Clock "Precious Angels" Musical Motion Clock "Precious Angels" Musical Motion Clock "Precious Angels" Musical Motion Clock

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