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Lotus Leaf Pillar Candle Stand Candle Holders

Candle Holders

These beautifully hand made pillar candle stands, bring an instant glamorous touch your home. Fixed on a black granite base, the faceted "Peetal" (meaning brass in hindi) stems intertwine with each other to form a tall base. Skilled artisans have captured the minutest of details of the lotus leaf by using the ancient technique of sand casting. Using a mixture of molasses and sand, a mould of the lotus leaf is created. After this, molten metal is poured into the mould. The artisan then files the the metal leaf sculpture to take away impurities of the casting process. The individual components are then forged and welded together. The product is then hand polished using a buffering process.

Lotus Leaf Pillar Candle Stand Lotus Leaf Pillar Candle Stand Lotus Leaf Pillar Candle Stand Lotus Leaf Pillar Candle Stand

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