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4 Fun & Refreshing Frozen Dog Treat Recipes They?ll Beg For!

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Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pour or spoon mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. Best of all, since you pick the ingredients, you?ll know exactly what your four-legged friends are eating and enjoying. Pour or spoon mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. Bonus! Dogs with pollen allergies can benefit from the use of locally made honey in this recipe as small amounts of honey, made by local bees using the very local pollens your dog may be sensitive to, can help the body build a natural tolerance. What are your favorite ways to treat your dog to something cool and refreshing when the weather heats up? Please, share your ideas in a comment below! 613 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you 1 Comment 1 Comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Beggin? Beef or Chicken Pops You?ll need: 4 cups beef or chicken broth (low-sodium, without onions) ? cup fresh or frozen veggies or fruit, chopped (optional) Instructions: Pour dog-safe beef or chicken broth into ice cube trays, freeze, and serve as a deliciously cool summer treat. As an alternative, this recipe can be made into popsicles, too! Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and allow to partially freeze. Once the mixture is frozen to a semi-solid state, insert carrot sticks, bully sticks, or your dog?s favorite long, thin treat as the popsicle stick and then freeze completely. These tiny treats will make excellent summertime training treats your dog will beg for! Apple & Honey Pupsicles You?ll need: 1 cup plain yogurt 2 tbsp creamy natural peanut butter 2 tbsp honey ? cup unsweetened applesauce Instructions: In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. .613 SHARES There?s no better way for your dog to beat the heat than with a cool, refreshing treat ? especially one that?s been handmade with love by their very best friend? you! These 4 cool and refreshing treat recipes are easy to make, easy to serve, and can be customized for even the most discerning of dogs. Experiment with different sizes and shapes ? like a ? to create a treat that?s perfectly sized for your unique pooch. For parents of little dogs (or even cats!) pour the mixture into a piping bag and pipe out mini droplet treats onto a parchment lined cookie sheet before freezing. Feel free to get creative with this easy, inexpensive recipe! Add a burst of flavor by dropping a few fresh blueberries into each cube before freezing, or make these frozen treats extra drool-worthy by folding in crumbled bacon. If desired, add chopped fresh or frozen veggies, like carrots, green beans, broccoli, or Fido-friendly fruits, like apples, blueberries, or mango for an added burst of flavor. Chicken & Pumpkin Pops You?ll need: 2 cups shredded, cooked chicken (If you don?t have time to cook, canned chicken or tuna is an excellent, easy alternative!) ? cup plain yogurt ? cup canned pumpkin (make sure you?re using 100% pure pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie filling which could contain dangerous ingredients) 3 tbsp coconut oil Instructions: In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mix until well blended and an even consistency. Mix until well blended and an even consistency. Have fun with this one and your dog will, too! These meaty popsicles are great as a treat alone, or can be dropped in your dog?s bowl at mealtimes to add fun and flavor to boring kibble on a warm summer day. Pour or spoon mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. Mix until well blended and an even consistency. Peanut Butter & Banana Pupsicles You?ll need: 32oz plain yogurt 1 banana 2 tbsp creamy natural peanut butter (Try !) 1 tbsp honey Instructions: In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients

Here?s how: Pet food complaints can be submitted?electronically through the or you can call your state?s . Unfortunately, we can?t always rely on manufacturers and the FDA to make sure every bit of food we feed our pets is safe. 3. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To report pet food (or treats, chews, or another type of consumable food product) to the FDA, you will need the following information: Exact name of the product and product description (as stated on the product label) Type of container (e. Results of any laboratory testing performed on the pet food product How the food was stored, prepared, and handled 2. If you store your pet?s food outside of its original packaging, save the package until all of the food has been consumed and you?re certain there are no issues with your dog?s health that may be food-related. That?s why, as pet parents, we have a responsibility to inspect food before feeding and monitor our dog?s health. Something doesn?t smell right, the color of the food is ?off,? the package is swollen or leaking, etc. 1. TIP: Many dog owners transfer their pet?s food to airtight containers or other food storage bins.) Product intended to be refrigerated, frozen, or stored at room temperature Lot number ? This number is often hard to find and difficult to read. You will need to describe, in detail, the problem with the food.933 SHARES Do you suspect a problem with your pet?s food? Foreign objects, mold, bugs, a strange odor or appearance? Is your dog suddenly refusing to eat or showing signs of illness that you believe are a result of his food? As pet parents, we expect our pet?s food manufacturers to ensure the quality of each and every bag of food that leaves the factory. As a second line of defense, we expect the Food & Drug Administration to monitor pet food and initiate recalls when a product doesn?t live up to standards.? It is stamped onto the product packaging and typically includes a combination of letters and numbers, and is always in close proximity to the best by/before or expiration date (if the product has a best by/before or expiration date). Best by, best before or expiration date UPC code (also known as the bar code) Net weight Purchase date and exact location where purchased. If something about your dog?s food is not right, it needs to be reported. Every report submitted to the FDA is important. For example: Foul odor, off color Swollen can or pouch, leaking container Foreign object found in the product. The more french toast big girls crewneck welt pocket cardigan burgundy 1820 12140 reports filed pertaining to a particular food, the more likely that food is to be investigated more quickly and thoroughly. Pet food can be reported here:? For frequently asked questions or more information, click here:? 933 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.? The lot number is very important as it helps us determined the manufacturing plant as well as the production date. . If you believe your pet has become sick as a result of consuming the food being reported, you?ll need additional information including: Species (dog, cat, rabbit, fish, bird, other) Age, weight, breed, pregnant, spayed/neutered Previous health status of pet Any pre-existing conditions your pet has Whether you give your pet any other foods, treats, dietary supplements or drugs How much of the suspected product your pet normally consumes How much of the ?suspect? product was consumed from the package? How much of the product you still have Clinical signs exhibited by your pet (such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy) How soon after consuming the product the clinical signs appeared Your veterinarian?s contact information, diagnosis and medical records for your pet Results of any diagnostic laboratory testing performed on your pet How many pets consuming the product exhibited clinical symptoms Whether any pets that consumed the product are not affected Whether your pet spends time outdoors unsupervised Why you suspect the pet food caused the illness If you do not have all of the information requested above, report the problem anyway, providing as much detail as possible. Even if you have already contacted the manufacturer, or returned your pet?s food to the store where it was purchased, you may still report a problem to the FDA. NOTE: Pet food can be reported for ANY reason, regardless of whether your animal has become ill or was harmed.g. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. box, bag, can, pouch, etc

.198 SHARES If you?re like many of us, you?re a fan of several Insta-famous dogs. Although the top-earning dog in the world can earn the equivalent of a in one post, 70% of the dogs on the rich list earn their money predominantly through the sale of merchandise, such as calendars, toys, and books.? ProDog?Raw is a raw dog food specialist that was started in 2015, and champions healthier lifestyles and diets for dogs with an expanding range of premium, human-grade ingredients. If the account showed that no paid partnership, ad or promotion of a product was posted, then the dog influencer was discounted from the study. But, did you know that many of the dogs you follow on Instagram are raking in the treat money? The ?Top Dog? can earn as much as a teacher?s entire annual salary in a single social media post. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.7m followers $5,240 (?3,700) per post =?$52,415/year (?37,000)? ? 10. , which carried out the ?Dog Instagram Rich List? study, has created a calculator where people can compare their salary with the number of posts the average dog influencer would have to share to earn the same as them.? Heidi Maskelyne, founder of?ProDog?Raw, said, ?It?s truly amazing to see just how much money dog influencers can make for their families and owners, you certainly can?t accuse them of not earning their keep! But with dog-related content proving popular among social media users, it?s hardly surprising that charismatic dogs can command such high prices when they partner with brands. The annual salary of each account was calculated using this per post figure, multiplied by the number of sponsored posts each account has shared over the past 12 months. Its main goal is to raise awareness of the dangers that heavily processed food presents to dogs and how reverting to a natural diet can benefit a dog?s appearance, behavior, and health. Over the past year, these accounts have provided much-needed respite from the doom and gloom of the pandemic, and we?ll be sure to keep the Dog Instagram Rich List updated because you never know, there might be some rising stars who take the Instagram crown!? Methodology: Cost per post amount was calculated based on follow numbers using data from social media platforms Hopper HQ and?Klear?s?report on influencer marketing rate cards.9m followers $12,890 (?9,100) per post?= $12,890/year (?9,100) ?? 501k followers $1700 (?1,200) per post =?$8,500/year (?6,000) ?? 2m followers $6,660 (?4,700) per post =?$6,660/year (?4,700) ? 307k followers $1,090 (?770) per post =?$6,545/year (?4,620) On average, dog influencers earn $8,215 (?5,800) per post and will partner on 15 sponsored posts a year. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.2m followers, can command the highest price per sponsored post at nearly $35,000 (?24,600), but Loki the Husky is the most successful dog influencer of the last 12 months, earning an estimated $380,800 (?268,800) through more than 50 sponsored posts and a paid partnership with Toyota USA.?ProDog?Raw has just released raw feeding??for over 300 dog?, and has information on average weights and a handy??to work out feeding amounts for each. A raw dog food company has analyzed publicly available social media data to discover the highest-earning dogs on Instagram, and has published its findings into the ??.?Find the salary calculator and Rich list . 198 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.2m followers $34,850 (?24,600) per post =?$34,850/year (?24,600) ? 824k followers $2,690 (?1,900) per post =?$16,150/year (?11,400) ? 2.? The top 10 in the 2021 Dog Instagram Rich list are: ? 2m followers $6,800 (?4,800) per post =?$380,800/year (?268,800) ? 1m followers $3,185 (?2,250) per post =?$200,825/year (?141,760) ?? 1.1m followers $7,080 (?5,000) per post =?$14,160/year (?10,000) ?? 3. Pomeranian Jiff, who has 10. To conduct the research,?ProDog?Raw analysed the Instagram accounts of dogs that have shared a sponsored post within the last 12 months

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