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Chaz Wall Clock 625-614 ? Satin Silver Quartz & Single Chime Movement Wall Clock

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  • WALL CLOCK: The Chaz Wall Clock is finished in Satin Silver on select hardwoods and veneers and features inset mirror panels accenting the fixed front frame to compliment your home decor. Highly polished and reflective metal finishes lead to natural and normal blemishes.
  • DURABLE: This classic clock has a sturdy frame to relieve stress in a busy household. Display it in your kitchen, office, bedroom, or living room, as a great timepiece with chrome bar hour markers, hands, and a cut-out to reveal the pendulum bob.
  • CHIMES: Easily tell time with single-chime movement that plays the Westminster chime to strike each hour. Set the automatic nighttime chime shut-off for convenient volume control to have anywhere in your house.
  • DIMENSIONS: The height of this clock is 23 inches (58 cm), with a width of 10.75 inches (27 cm) and a depth of 3.75 inches (10 cm). It is powered by quartz single-chime movement and requires four AA sized batteries (not included).
  • HOWARD MILLER: Founded in 1926, this company is known for its tradition and generational products. Located in Zeeland, Michigan, Howard Miller provides attention to detail from quality timepieces to handmade collectors cabinets.

Chaz Wall Clock 625-614 ? Satin Silver Quartz & Single Chime Movement Chaz Wall Clock 625-614 ? Satin Silver Quartz & Single Chime Movement

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